Manual data entry is a time-consuming task that frustrated family offices and institutional investors.

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Sophisticated investors are spending half of their time on back-office tasks, including downloading and uploading documents and searching for documents on shared platforms. Such manual-intensive tasks make the entire investment data processing inefficient, frustrating and boring.

However, without inputting and aggregating such complex portfolio data into your systems, you won't be able to move on to analyse such data to prepare investment reports for your stakeholders.

Meanwhile, manually collating, entering, and updating data is prone to human error, producing wrong results, oversights and omissions of data, generating erroneous analyses that result in inaccurate decision-making. 

It is time to leverage automated data extraction technology. Simply upload your reports, verify and approve the extracted data via the use of technology. Then, you'll be able to monitor your portfolios from a centralised platform with enriched data insights, generating high-quality investment reports with lower operational costs.